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General characteristics of our crops

  • Location - Mexicali Valley, Baja California, Mexico

  • Availability of the product: October - March

  • Climate conditions - It’s sowed during the Winter (October-March)

  • Crops: Conventional 


Spinach belongs to the Chenopodiaceae family and the Spinacia genus. Its botanical characteristics are:

  • Annual plant with monoicous and autoalógamicous genotypes.

  • Two subspecies can be distinguished: Glabra and Spinosa, which are differentiated by the form of their leaves.

  • It is a dioecious plant, having masculine and feminine flowers; the latter have a more developed rosette and are slower in developing a floral stem.

Health benefits

  • Goodbye to insomnia - Used as a remedy for headaches and as a sleep aid for people with sleeping disorders.

  • Oxygenation – Spinach’s high iron content is a component of hemoglobin which is in charge of distributing oxygen to the entire body.

  • It prevents gastric ulcers – It has the capacity to protect the mucous membrane of the stomach and reduce the possible appearance of ulcers.

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