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Ecological thinking. Ecological acting.

At GN Productores Agrícolas we owe ourselves to the land.


The richness and quality of our environment in the long run is what makes our mission possible. The protection of our agricultural ecosystems is embedded in our company DNA.


With the use of fertilizers and pesticides that protect our natural environment... with cultivation and harvest standards that protect water and soil... with industrial procedures that guarantee adequate waste management...


At GN Productores Agrícolas, we strive for sustainability in all our actions.

Located in Ejido Nuevo Leon, in the Mexicali Valley, GN Productores Agrícolas compost plant supply’s all our crops in Baja California with first quality compost. The plant takes advantage of renewable resources from our harvests, to process and age compost which converts into high quality natural fertilizers.


Furthermore, the plant’s worm farm, which produces world class natural leachate extract, is kept in constant development. These products are 100% organic, have high nutritional value and are used to fertilize all the crops of our product portfolio.

Our own compost plant guarantees the highest quality agricultural inputs.

​ ​ El lombriciario de la planta produce su propio lixibiado que sirve de alimentación de alta calidad para nuestros cultivos.

The plant’s worm farm produces its own leachate which offers top quality nutrition for our crops.

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