Social Responsibility

Our personnel is our company’s main asset.

At GN Productores Agrícolas, social responsibility is also part of the quality chain.


Every company that establishes quality as its highest priority starts by putting its human resources at the top of the list.


Our human resources program includes professional selection and recruitment programs, with salary and benefits packages well beyond those established by law, a complete and balanced nutrition plan, adequate living quarters, permanent health care services and a constant training program.

Oficina en Mexicali
Mexicali Office

Vicente Guerrero 1623

Col. República Mexicana, 21250

Mexicali, B.C. México

Tel: +(686) 841-6060

Planta Central
Main Plant

Km. 3.5 Carretera Ejido Nuevo León

Ejido Nuevo León, 21705

Mexicali, B.C. México

Tel: +(686) 841-6060

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