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About Us

About Us

World class products with social and ecological responsibility


After 15 years of working the soil, at GN Productores Agrícolas, our commitment to quality continues to grow.

At GN Productores Agrícolas, we harvest world class fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on quality. This emphasis begins from the moment we plant the seed in the soil to the moment our products arrive at our client’s door.

At GN Productores Agrícolas, quality is a core value that guides all our actions. The quality of our agricultural inputs, the quality of our production processes, the quality of our attention to the well-being of our personnel, and the quality of our industrial processes, make it possible for us to harvest world class agricultural products.

A young company with a great vision for growth


GN Productores Agrícolas is a Baja California company founded by local farmers with the drive to grow, package and market value added food products. The business has its roots in the Navarro family’s ancestors, who settled in the city of Mexicali, Baja California, where they developed a profound love and respect for the soil.


The growth of the family initiated the vision to grow quality produce for the export market with the belief of contributing to the development of the community through the creation of honorable job opportunities throughout the organization.


This is how GN Productores Agrícolas was born in 2004, establishing the company in the Mexicali Valley, within the Ejido Nuevo León.

From the outset, Grupo Navarro has been growing and increasing its production, which is why the development of new regions became necessary. For this reason, the Eréndira production facility was founded, in the County of Ensenada, Baja California. Here, a diversity of agricultural products with different soil and weather conditions from those in Mexicali are harvested.  


Today, the Grupo Navarro corporation is constantly working to raise the value of its farming products to further compete in national and international markets. This is possible through the use of technological innovation, continued business development, the creation of new opportunities, the optimization of its infrastructutre, the promotion of its farming activities and the marketing of value added products with world class standards.

Our sales representative

Miriam Ruano



+52 (686) 119-6561


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