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General characteristics of our crops

  • Location - Mexicali Valley, Baja California, Mexico

  • Availability of the product: October - March

  • Climate conditions - It’s sowed during Winter (October-March)

  • Crop: Conventional/Curly and Italian


Parsley is a member of the Umbelliferae family and the Petroselinum genus. Its botanical characteristics are:

  • Biannual plant, with 4 millimeter fruits.

  • Fruits have 600 to 700 seeds.

  • Grown for its leaves that are used as a condiment.

  • There are different varieties of Parsley.

Health benefits

  • It benefits the elimination of body fluids - Considered as a good diuretic, so it prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys.

  • Has a high iron content - It’s good to eat Parsley when you have fatigue or weakness as well as for people prone to anemia.

  • Good digestion - Having a cup of Parsely tea before every meal helps to better digest food.

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